June 7, 2023

Methods to Use The Golden Ratio in Images

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Whether or not you have got heard of the golden ratio in pictures or not, it’s one thing it’s best to discover as it may allow you to to make beautiful photographs.

The golden ratio has grow to be highly regarded recently, because of apps and software program that allow you to with overlays.

Nevertheless, it’s an idea that artists have used for hundreds of years.

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On this article, I’ll clarify how you should use the Golden Ratio in pictures to information the viewers to the point of interest of your picture.

I’ll additionally present you the way it applies to totally different composition guidelines and differs from others – such because the rule of thirds.

Lastly, I’ve included some examples that use the Golden Ratio to make clear the idea and encourage you to get began.

Let’s get began!

What’s the Golden Ratio Rule in Images?


The Golden Ratio is a mathematical idea. Since we’re photographers and never mathematicians, it’s simpler to grasp the concept visually – not less than, it’s all the time been the case for me. So, I’ll attempt to clarify it as visually as doable.

Think about that you just divide a line into two segments of various lengths. If the ratio between the unique line and the longer phase is similar ratio because the one between the longer and shorter elements – then you have got a golden ratio. This will also be utilized to rectangles or triangles.

The Golden Ratio is the irrational number one.618:1, often known as the divine proportion. It’s typically denoted with the Greek letter Phi.

Now that we’ve grasped the idea because of assistance from shapes, let’s get again to the numbers momentarily. The Golden Ratio might be utilized to a sequence of numbers referred to as the Fibonacci sequence.

Within the Fibonacci sequence, every quantity is the sum of the 2 that got here earlier than beginning with zero. It goes like this – 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21,… infinitely.

Visually talking, this sequence interprets right into a spiral often known as the Fibonacci spiral or the Golden Spiral. Now, now we have many shapes that we are able to establish with the Golden Ratio.

We are able to speak about strains, triangles, rectangles, a spiral, and so on. All these shapes can be utilized in pictures. So, let’s reply the unique query, what’s the Golden Ratio rule in pictures?

The Golden Ratio in pictures composition means you’re utilizing the 1.618 proportion in considered one of its manifestations. You are able to do this through the use of one of many following composition methods.

  • Fibonacci Spiral (AKA Golden Spiral)
  • Phi Grid (AKA Golden Grid)
  • Golden Triangle
  • Golden Rectangle

I’ll clarify these tips intimately additional within the article, the place I’ll additionally present you some examples of methods to apply them.

In brief, the Golden Ratio lets you obtain a extra balanced picture.

Please word which you can dive a lot deeper into the mathematical aspect of this – there are a lot of nice sources for this.

You can even discover it utilized to music, structure, and even monetary market research. Right here, I’ll proceed with how the Golden Ratio works in pictures and the visible arts.

Is the Golden Ratio the identical because the Rule of Thirds?

No, the Golden Ratio the identical because the Rule of Thirds are each composition tips, however they’re totally different.

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Let me anticipate the reply to the following apparent query – no, one isn’t higher than the opposite. Let’s break it down and see the place they’re totally different.

The Golden Ratio was found and studied in Historical Greece. Mathematicians additionally studied it through the Islamic Golden Age, and artists have picked it up ever since.

The Rule of Thirds, alternatively, was written in 1797 by John Thomas Smith. He was speaking about portray – rural landscapes, to be exact.

This rule was utilized in portray and was later absorbed by photographers. These days is probably the most widespread composition rule as most cameras have a rule of thirds grid overlay.

Credit score: Francesco Ungaro

That’s why you in all probability know that the rule of thirds divides the body into 9 equal segments. You are able to do this by tracing two vertical strains and two horizontal strains on the identical distance.

The intersections of the strains are the focal factors of the picture. You need to place your topics alongside these strains.

The Phi grid is the closest Golden Ratio composition to the rule of thirds. It additionally divides the body into 9 segments that aren’t the identical dimension.

If you use the Phi grid, you’ll discover that the primary topic is extra centered than the rule of thirds grid.

In contrast to the rule of thirds grid overlay, the Phi grid isn’t obtainable on most cameras or digicam apps. Nevertheless, you will discover these and different grid overlays within the Crop software of Photoshop and Lightroom.

a tree in the middle of a lake with mountains in the background.

Credit score: Lukas Hartmann

When you activate the software, click on on the image to allow the Crop field. Right here, you’ll see the overlay.

You possibly can toggle between overlay grids utilizing the O key. It’s doable to flip the grids by holding the Shift key whilst you press O.

This manner, you’ll be able to analyze each guidelines and perceive which is healthier for every scenario.

Most individuals desire to make use of the Phi grid for panorama pictures. This manner, your entire picture seems extra balanced.

Why is the Golden Ratio so lovely?

two pictures of a snail and a sea shell.

Credit score: Pixabay

There are loads of theories as to why we discover the Golden Ratio so lovely. The commonest and broadly accepted one says it’s as a result of it’s a proportion we discover in nature.

As such, we’re unconsciously accustomed to it and affiliate it with lovely issues corresponding to flowers and seashells. The commonest examples are the sunflower seeds or the nautilus shell.

One other concept comes from a mechanical engineering professor at Duke College –  Adrian Bejan. He claims we discover it lovely as a result of “that is the most effective flowing configuration for photographs from plain to mind.”

In different phrases, the human eye shortly detects the Golden Ratio, and the mind can interpret it quicker than different proportions.

One other extra controversial concept has to do with the Golden Ratio within the human physique.

On the finish of the fifteenth century, Leonardo Da Vinci drew the Vitruvian Man. He was impressed by the writing of the architect Vitruvius however closely influenced by the drawings of his contemporaries and the Renaissance concepts.

The drawing represents what Da Vinci thought-about to be the proper physique proportions. Facial beauty surgeon Dr. Julian De Silva introduced this concept into our days.

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She used an algorithm to measure the face of celebrities to seek out out which one had the facial ratios closest to the Phi number one.618.

In response to her measurements,  Jodie Comer, the star from Killing Eve, matched the golden ratio with a mean of 94.52%. This end result went viral and branded Comer as “probably the most lovely girl in line with science.”

I’m positive that most individuals didn’t want math to agree that she’s lovely. Additionally, the numbers match the proportion – little doubt about that.

Whether or not that makes her probably the most lovely girl that’s open for debate. Magnificence requirements change from one tradition to a different throughout time durations and are topic to non-public style.

In truth, the idea of magnificence is so advanced {that a} department of philosophy is particularly devoted to it referred to as Aesthetics.

Additionally, making use of an algorithm to measure girls’s magnificence feels fairly unethical. Not solely does it perpetuate the objectification of girls – however it may additionally lead many ladies to psychological well being issues derived from low vanity and melancholy.

Let’s not overlook that people should not artworks – we’re not alleged to be good. So, let’s depart the Golden Ratio as a compositional guideline that creates visually interesting pictures and work.

What are some examples of the Golden Ratio within the arts?


As I discussed within the earlier part, the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci makes use of the Golden Ratio. Nevertheless, this isn’t the one considered one of his artworks that follows the proper proportions.

Da Vinci additionally used the Golden Ratio to color the Mona Lisa. No, she doesn’t have almost good facial proportions in the identical sense as Jodie Comer.

As a substitute, he used the Fibonacci Spiral to compose the portray. You possibly can see how the curve of the spiral follows up her arm, guiding us in the direction of the face, and ends within the intriguing smile of the Mona Lisa.

Additionally, the proportions between the dimensions of her head and her torso correspond to the Golden Ratio of 1.618. Mixed, they create the Golden Rectangle.

He additionally used the Golden Ratio to create the Final Supper and the Annunciation. The Museum of Science in Boston has an interactive software on its web site the place you’ll be able to apply overlays to Da Vinci’s work to see the place and the way he used the Golden Ratio.

Different nice masters in artwork historical past have additionally used the Golden Ratio. One other well-known instance is Vermeer’s  Lady with the Pearl Earring.

For those who apply the Golden Spiral beginning on the backside left of her torso, you’ll see how the viewer’s eye travels by her arm, across the face, and in the direction of her eyes.

a painting of a large wave in the ocean.

Credit score: Nice Wave off Kanagawa, Hokusai, through Wikimedia Commons

The Nice Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai is the proper instance of the Golden Spiral. The wave follows exactly the identical proportions because the Fibonacci spiral.

Methods to Use the Golden Ratio in Images Compositions

To this point, I’ve given you loads of data which may sound troublesome to use to your pictures apply. So, I figured supplying you with some Golden Ratio Images examples is greatest.

Listed below are some Golden Ratio footage with explanations.

a man and a woman standing next to each other.

Credit score: Kelsey Wilkerson

As you keep in mind, the Golden ratio means which you can break up a line into two elements – one larger than the opposite.

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The ratio between the entire and the bigger half needs to be the identical because the one between the larger and the smaller items.

Right here, the photographer used this Golden Part to attain a lovely composition. She positioned the topics on the bigger aspect and left the smaller portion empty to offer it some respiration room.

The picture nonetheless seems balanced as a result of each side keep the rule of the Golden Ratio.

a picture of a lake with trees and mountains in the background.

Credit score: Johannes Plenio

Earlier than, I already mentioned methods to use the Phi Grid, however let’s see one other instance, because it’s the most typical strategy to apply the Golden Ratio in pictures.

Right here, you’ll be able to see how the creator positioned the horizon line in line with the Phi Grid as a substitute of utilizing the rule of thirds.

Then, for an aesthetically pleasing composition, the point of interest is within the central phase, and the 2 bushes are positioned roughly on the grid’s vertical strains.

a woman in a long dress walking down a path.

Credit score: Bllack Artist (left) / Nina Hill (proper)

A extra superior model of the Golden Ratio in pictures is utilizing the Golden triangle. You possibly can see how the pictures above divide the body with a collection of main strains to create triangles for a lovely and dynamic composition.

To divide an oblong body with golden triangles, begin by connecting two reverse corners. Then, draw a line from every of the remaining corners that join with the primary diagonal. Use the golden ratio to seek out the placement of the intersecting strains.

For those who’re having bother with this one, use the cropping software in Photoshop and allow the overlay choices. The Golden Triangles are one of many crop overlays obtainable.

You need to use the strains and intersections to put components and create composition.

a picture of boy holding an animal and a picture of plate of food.

Credit score: Alexander Paul (left) / Ella Olsson (proper)

Lastly, listed here are a few examples of the Fibonacci spiral. In a single, the Golden Spiral is utilized to the primary topic no matter its place inside the body.

Within the different one, the Golden Spiral guides your eye by the body in a pure method towards an important topic.

In each instances, the result’s aesthetically pleasing. As you’ll be able to see, you don’t have to put components following the road of the spiral all through the body – that may look compelled.

Is there a photograph enhancing app that exhibits the Golden Ratio?

Sure, you’ll be able to obtain apps that allow you to to use the Golden Ratio in pictures. Most of them embrace an overlay of the Golden Spiral (you may also discover it because the Fibonacci spiral) or the Phi grid.

Sensible Pictures – this app has many composition overlays to select from. Some are based mostly on the golden ratio, such because the Fibonacci Spiral and the Phi Grid. You can even examine every composition rule’s clarification, suggestions, and tips.

Golden Ratio Digicam – this app has a golden spiral overlay that permits you to see the composition on the preview earlier than saving the picture.

Photograph Extension Composition – This app permits you to see composition overlays within the photographs saved in your Apple Pictures app. You can even see guides and recommendation on enhancing as a photographer. Notice that this app is simply obtainable for iPhone and iPad and isn’t free.

PhiShot – this app lets you discover the golden spiral in on a regular basis objects and higher compose your photographs.